Premises Liability Explained

Premises liability refers to a property owner’s responsibility for certain injuries sustained on the property due to unsafe or dangerous conditions.

Common Types of Premises Liability:

  • Slip and fall accidents due to wet floors, dim lighting, or uneven surfaces
  • Dog bites
  • Staircase accidents
  • Torn carpeting leading to falls
  • Failure to properly maintain property due to bad weather
  • Fires
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Insufficient building security
  • Dangerous fumes or chemicals
  • Construction activity on a property that creates hidden dangers
  • Faulty machinery located on a property

Individuals who enter another person’s property have a reasonable expectation that they will not be injured. The property owner may be held liable if they are found to have been negligent in allowing a dangerous condition to exist that caused the injury.   

Falling on someone else’s property does not automatically entitle you to file a lawsuit. A slip and fall victim must generally be able to demonstrate the following elements in order to hold an individual liable for injuries sustained as a result of a slip and fall:

  • That the defendant owned/leased/occupied/controlled the property
  • That the defendant was negligent in the use or maintenance of the property
  • That the victim was harmed
  • That the defendant’s negligence was a substantial factor in causing the victim’s harm

A property owner has an affirmative duty to exercise ordinary care to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition. California courts have determined that a property owner’s lack of knowledge about the dangerous condition is generally not a defense.

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